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Career & Business

Is it true that you are arranging a switch in your vocation? Or then again going to begin a business? Is your development track appearing of slack? Are uncertain of the decision of work that you wish to attempt? Keep away from these pointless troubles by just having your graph arranged by authorities who can strategize profession and business moves that would be positive for you over the long haul. The way to progress is strewn with obstructions and essentially diligent work or arranging does not generally guarantee that you achieve your objectives. As incredible arrangement of accentuation falls upon the destiny of the individual concerned, it winds up important to counsel the stars and planetary positions to yield most extreme advantage, expel negativities and obstacles to the work. A serene personality is the best wellspring of inspiration to any sort of occupation.
We at NaMo Puja attempt to deal with bothering and unmanageable issues in your business or profession life by counseling with our inhabitant soothsayers who have enough involvement behind them to pinpoint the blemishes in your choices and viably evacuate them. So don't get stalled by rehashed and apparently unconquerable disappointments. Defeat obstacles and race in front of your companions. Achievement will be at your feet just in the event that you realize the best approach to stroll towards!

Generic Consultation

Every one of us face the high points and low points that life needs to give in an unexpected way. We have hence differed methodologies and assorted issues to manage. Every one of us sees things, individuals and circumstances in a way not at all like the rest. So also there are angles in our lives that can't be chalked down under one head yet exists freely. For every single such circle of our lives, the agony and distress, SMARTPUJA houses a brilliant and prepared cure in type of its inhabitant crystal gazers who are here to deal with it. Open your hearts out to our counselors and alleviate yourself of the weight of an unaccounted for unsettling influences that undermine the parity of your lives. We guarantee you of a non biased and quiet assistance without settling on your need of keeping your own life private and secure. Be the ace of your own life and look into the potential future to settle today with certainty and satisfaction.


There is a maxim that "wellbeing is riches". No measure of wealth or riches is agreeable except if one is in the pink of wellbeing. It is a blessing from God that we should sustain and shield from damage. That requires gigantic commitment and way of life control. In any case, regularly on we face phenomenal wellbeing confusions. While some of it may be the result of a terrible way of life, there are likewise times when we get ourselves the casualties of superfluous diseases that won't leave. All of medicinal science bombs at that point abandoning us harrowed and in torment. Have you at any point given it an idea why your confided in meds that your specialists swear by neglect to ease you of your inconveniences? May be it not the disappointment of your specialist all things considered! Flawed stars, doshas, planets playing ruin with your diagrams can and confines you to the bed. So don't let what is outside your ability to control mess up your life. Counsel our confided in specialists for fast alleviation and let them help you defeat your ailments. Hindering the planetary impacts through right utilization of gemstones and restorative pujas is a deep rooted and successful technique for beating medical problems. We have a choice of finely prepared, proficient Celestial prophets working nonstop only for your improvement. They survey your outlines and realize tranquility of body and psyche. So put a conclusion to stressing over an awful knee or an irritating sleep deprivation. Get proficient assistance and inhale simple!

Horoscope Matching

They state relational unions are made in paradise. We regularly stay confused about who is that one face in the immense group, who will be with us everlastingly as our perfect partner. A standout amongst the most significant choices in a single's lives would be that of his or her marriage and that by itself characterizes that sort of life that one plans to anticipate later on. Be that as it may, the dangers included are surely and any errors can spell fate for both the lady of the hour and the man of the hour. A wrong marriage realizes despondency and discontent and makes life unendurable. In this way it is imperative to realize that your eventual accomplice is genuinely the one made for you. Our customary strategy for match-production still holds solid. With the coordinating of the kundli the family older folks have since days of yore made matches that have endured forever. For the Hindus, the key to an effective marriage lie in the similarity of the kundli and we at SMARTPUJA have in-house experts to survey that for you. The ganana of the kundli uncovers the reasonableness of the match and our specialists are adroit at pinpointing any indications of inconsistency. So don't let anything to risk. Earn proficient assistance with regards to settling on THE individual who is to finished you and remain by you in affliction and wellbeing. The ganana of the kundli uncovers the reasonableness of a forthcoming match and our soothsayers will perform horoscope coordinating to locate your optimal perfect partner.

Legal Matters

It is unthinkable that an individual today isn't badgering by issues identifying with law and debates. Be it individual or familial, with respect to property or budgetary, influenced family has a heavy whole to pay to the legal advisors toward the month's end. These issues can be annoying and an explanation behind seepage of funds. Frequently there are enduring preliminaries in the court that bear no product of the considerable number of endeavors that you put into the undertaking. So don't simply indiscriminately pursue the lead of your legitimate consultants. Odds are you may get hoodwinked out of your cash without any result. Our specialists at SMARTPUJA investigate what lay ahead for you. A brisk counsel of one's outlines may uncover the downsides being looked by them inferable from the negative energies emerging out of flawed planetary positions or doshas. Our talented and educated soothsayers can help anticipate the new courses that one's legitimate life may take consequently planning for them would wind up less complex and help them plan their following stages with clearness. Be it disagreements about property, care fights or separations, or cases made a huge deal about due to trivial issues, our consultants are here to direct you at each progression. Obviously that we exceptionally recognize the need of attentiveness in such cases and guarantee security and quality. No delicate data stands any opportunity of being unveiled or misshaped. So pursue away your stresses and recover your true serenity.

Love and Relationships

Love causes our reality to go round. Regardless of every one of our accomplishments and achievement, it is that one individual who finishes us, keeps us propelled and is our mainstay of solidarity. It is just the fortunate ones who discover genuine affection and having them in our lives perpetually is all that we can request. In any case, as there be daylight, there additionally comes the foreboding shadows of depression that take steps to detract from you the one you need the most throughout everyday life. In these long stretches of need when no proposals from companions or relatives appear to work, that shows a desperate need of expert touch. As broadly cited, let your 'star crossed love" not fall prey to the play of the planets. Call our specialists and let them listen to you. Help them help you evacuate all barriers to satisfying your adoration and having close to you that unique individual through various challenges! Protect your connections from looming mishaps and convey soundness to your life.

Marriage Obstacles

Fretting over your son’s marriage? Multiple broken engagements upsetting you? Worried that your daughter is a manglik? The path to the perfect marriage is scattered with unforeseen troubles and this often is the cause of anxieties for you and a reason of low self esteem and unhappiness for your children. While the marriage itself is preordained, the obstacle in its path is often foul play by the planets. A wrong planet crossing over to a wrong house can stall all progressive steps taken in the direction to get settled. Its effects are so damaging that it can last a lifetime if not attended to and may prohibit one from enjoying marital bliss. Come to our trained professionals at NaMo PUJA and have all the negative energies acting as roadblock removed. That too, without the hassle of being physically present to discuss the issues! Call in and be guided on how best to restore the normal balance of life and success.

Personal and Confidential

Life is more unusual than the films that we watch or the books that we read. It accompanies its a lot of delights and inconveniences, which in itself is exceptional to each individual. Frequently these are inconveniences with the end goal that you can't discuss to anybody. You invest hours contemplating over them and endeavor to discover an answer, regularly without much of any result. No self improvement guide or novel and film plots help you beat these complicacies. These make life difficult and terrible. You lose rest over undertakings that make a huge deal about. This influences your genuine feelings of serenity as well as close to home connections get stressed under the steady weight of managing them. In any case, imagine a scenario in which we were to guarantee that there isn't only a simple yet additionally a compelling fix to this. We at Namo Puja comprehend that each individual needs a non judgmental and non inclination companion who is eager to hear you out, give powerful cures and furthermore guard your data. Furthermore, by companion we mean a gathering of experienced Stargazers who are here to listen closely, actually to every one of your issues. A careful evaluation of your diagrams can clean up negative vibes from your lives and help settle it! Dial us up and dispose of undesirable sharpness with no fears of having your private data uncovered or abused.


anjeev and his family were excited with his grant to the outside college. He would develop with a graduate degree from a presumed school and no uncertainty have a thriving vocation ahead. Plans were made, arrangements done. Sanjeev was good to go. All aside from a mysterious blunder that cost him his degree. What the family couldn't envision, be that as it may, was an unexpected inconvenience as an obstacle in the VISA handling strategy. The hours in the line, all the administrative work, archive accommodation and the entire trial of follow up-s yielded no outcome at last. The framework was slack and the outside experts reluctant to be understanding. Sanjeev's reality came slamming down! Stepped comparative agitated waters? Squandered hours over vain endeavors to achieve the assignment of getting a VISA on schedule? Furthermore, has each fizzled open door given no reasonable clarification of why it ended up being disappointment? Odds are it's anything but a hesitating worker dealing with your record all things considered! Frequently it is the gravely set planets in your graphs that paly devastation with your chances. We at NaMo Puja embrace to evacuate the phenomenal obstacles that may edit all of a sudden slowing down your sightseeing plans, profession and business openings. Our presumed celestial prophets work out answers for battling the detours with respect to gaining the VISA, the arrangement of conventions and confronting the meetings. The specialists may likewise help compute the right time while applying for the VISA so as not to be influenced by the negative vibes from the trip of the planets. Our specialists are here to support you. In this way, disregard being in a fix with the grandiose turns that undermine your mental soundness and come sort your life out with our assistance

Wealth and Property

Contemplating over plans of purchasing another loft for perhaps a million times ? That unused real estate parcel in suburbia having a place with the grandparents basically will not pull in purchasers. The new level that was skilled to the child has Vastu Dosh. At whatever point property and riches is concerned the cerebral pains are unending. The do's and don'ts, much more! There is no simple way out to be well-off without stressing over it and usually the purposes behind this are vast instead of everyday administrative work and customs. Each progression we take in life is at last the result of how destiny pulls the strings and we have positively no chance to get of keeping away from the inescapable. The hardships are staying put. Yet, what we can do about them is to keep an eye open for them to strike and get ready in like manner. The very much prepared soothsayers teaming up with NaMo Puja work in tackling issues trimming out in the securing or right transfers of riches and properties. With the utilization of restorative pujas and ceremonies and use of recommended pearl stones our specialists give unfailing answers for counter the misfortunes and obstacles while managing around there. This profits the twist in your business and pay verifying life and its contributions for you and your family. So vanquish the evil presences that take steps to take your genuine feelings of serenity and lead a satisfied and prosperous life.


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