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Navaratri Puja

Navratri Durga Path characterizes the devotion/puja of maa Durga and her 9 avtars. Durga puja is meted out throughout navratri every year. Though there are four types of navratri; chaitra navratri and shardiya navratri hold huge importance for hindi spiritual celebrations. In all the 9 days, the primary 3 days are devoted to maa Durga, consequent 3 to deity laxmi and also the last 3 are dedicated to divinity saraswati.

Ma Durga is that the type of maa Adhya Sakti who represents the life and also the existence of the globe. she is revered as the supreme energy that’s inherent in everything around. Immortal Hindu deity herself represents the Maha Sakti as she is that the integration of supreme goddesses – Lakshmi, Saraswati and Maha kaali.
her name –durga, means that ‘ ‘the invincible’

Ma Durga is additionally idolised as an emblem of victory over evil. Vedas describe her as a determined deity riding a lion with all types of weapons in every of her 8 hands. The weapons signify the aim she was created for, to hit Mahisasura. every of the weaposns in her eight hands depict the ability to destroy evil in all the directions.

To book NaMo Puja, you have to provide some information such as: Name, Mobile no, Email, Address, Puja’s name and date. Below is the link of Book A Pandit, by clicking on it, you will get an option of advance payment, in which you will get have to pay Rs 1000 / Advance.  Then Pandit will go and complete Puja, then you can give the remaining balance to him or online.  We will send you an email which will contain some things that you will need to keep.  Such as: plates, bowls, spoons, Napkins and Asan ya bedseat for sitting.  It will also include milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar to make panchamrit. Call and WhatsApp buttons are also visible on this screen.  You can get information about Puja by calling or whatsapp on it and booking process pay you can pay by google pay or phone pay advance rs 1000 /.  We will WhatsApp you.

NaMo Puja has a community of pandits: those who are knowledgeable, characterful, capable and puja’s experience. Who have the importance of time and Muhurta. Going to your home or community, Panditji to do puja with devout and reverence makes yajman’s puja.  Pandit ji also carries puja items, pujasamagri and leaves with him.  Stay relaxed and worry free by booking puja

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NaMo Puja is the most trusted platform for book puja services in online, Vedic rituals, Hindu puja ceremonies, and other pooja. Our one stop solution encompasses every aspect of Hindu religious ceremonies providing the best Puja experience with Verified and Experienced Pandits and Purohits. Puja is an important part of the religious life of Hinduism. Book a Pandit on www.Namopuja.com by entering your details with Puja name 



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