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Rudrabhishek Puja

Rudrabhishek Puja was one of the most important Pujas of Lord Shiva. This Puja began in Satyug. Lord Ram made Rudrabhishek to Shiv Lingam to obtain the blessings from Lord Shiva. This Puja is now the best method to receive direct blessings from Lord Shiva. For long-lasting benefits and a pleasant puja experience, hire experienced and verified Pandits who use the best quality Samagri.

Rudrabhishek Puja can be performed to invoke the gifts of Lord Rudra, the most brutal type of Lord Shiva. This is the best way to eliminate and beat any snags that you might encounter in your life. This was Lord Ram’s fundamental Puja to cross the ocean and win the war against Ravan. The Rudra Suktha mantras are recited before Rudrabhishek.

Rudri Path is done once along with Abhishek Rituals.Rituals include : Ganapati Puja, Sankalp, Kalash Sthapana, Punyahavachan, Navagraha Puja, Rudri Path, Rudrabhishek, Archana, Mangal Aarti, Aashirvachan, Prasad Vitran etc.

Duration : 2.5- 3 Hours. Price : Rs. 4100/- all inclusive. This includes Purohit’s dakshina, Puja items and Samagri, Flowers and Leaves and Travel expense.

Rudrabhishek puja in bangalore key insights

•To achieve victory over death.

• Performed to remove the adverse effects of nakshatras.

• Done on an auspicious day based on the janma nakshatra.

• Main Deity: Lord Shiva.

Rudra abhishek is a ritual bath for shivling. It also includes recites of Mantra.

Rudrabhishek puja in bangalore Benefits

•Eliminate Negative Energy.

•Protect yourself from evil and give strength to face difficulties.

•Bring Wealth and Harmony

•Removes many dosh

•It can help you get out of financial problems

Rudra Abhisheka refers to a ritual for worshipping Lord Shiva as the Rudra form. This method involves washing the Shiv linga with water. The water is continuously poured through a vessel and continuous chanting the Rudra Sukhota. The Rudra Abhishek Puja is the most spiritual of all the Vedic scriptures. Abhisheka, a ritual that involves worshipping God with milk (cow milk), Ghee and Curd. These are the spiritual items that Lord Shiva likes.

Numerous vedic scriptures stress the importance of this.Rudrabhishek PujaLike the remover of all bad things. All planets that influence people’s horoscopes were created by Lord Shiva. If one wants to get rid of the negative effects, i.e. Rudrabhishek Pooja can be performed to remove the Doshas associated with the planetary positions. There are two types of energy in the world: positive and negative. The positive energies are those that bring happiness, joy, love, and prosperity to the world. Negative energies can be found in the areas of depression, ill health, and poverty. These negative energies can be transformed by the Rudrabhishek Pooja.

You will need to enter some information in order to book NaMo Puja. This includes your name, mobile number, email address, date and puja’s name. Click on the link below to Book A Pandit. You will be able to choose advance payment. In this case, you will need Rs 1000/Advance. After Pandit completes Puja, you will be able to give the balance to him online or hand it off. You will receive an email with some items that you need to keep. You will need plates, spoons and napkins. You can also add milk, ghee and honey to make panchamrit. This screen also has call and WhatsApp buttons. Puja information can be accessed by calling it or by whatsapp. Booking process can also be done by phone or by Google Pay. We will WhatsApp you.

NaMo Puja has a group of pandits. These are people who have experience, knowledge, and character. People who understand the value of Muhurta and time. Panditji will go to your house or community to perform puja. He will do it with reverence and devotion. Panditji also has puja items, pujasamagri, and leaves. Book puja to relax and feel free from worry.

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